March 20th-24th, 2019

ZenNaTai, Sukkasart Institute Thailand

An ancient therapeutic medical massage treatment working to connect the three minds of thinking, feeling and awareness through the abdominal area – the center of chi or energy flow in the body, and chest area for improving digestion and breathing qualities, including head and scalp to release cranial tension and improving concentration, this treatment stimulates the lymphatic flow, helping to detoxify the body getting rid of toxins and negativity, brings comfort and relief to the abdomen, induce the deeper state of relaxation and peaceful mind.

An integration of basic healing practice and holistic bodywork developed by Dr Buathon Thienarrom. A holistic practitioner, spa consultant and lecturer. Buathon has undergone extensive training in alternative/holistic medicine, through Taoism, Healthy Lifestyle, Chi Nei Tsang, Meditation, Posture Training and Thai traditional medicine. She has a masters degree in Counselling and Psychology and Ph.D. on the Health Sociology.

What you will be learning in the 5 days training?

  • Healing Practice, Chi and Healing
  • How posture affects mind-body
  • Body Meridian
  • Stress and Body mechanism
  • Mind training for therapist
  • Blockage and how to unblock
  • Negative Energy
  • Recharging energy and Self-Healing
  • ZenNaTai: Treatment concept
  • Basic anatomy and physiology of abdominal area
  • Navel Diagnosis
  • Internal Organs and emotion
  • How to approach the internal organs (Hand Movement)
  • Guided breathing for the clients
  • Contraindication for the treatment
  • How to deal with client’s complaint during the session
  • Step by step procedure on how to perform the treatment
  • Practice on massage techniques

Connecting with your body and to letting go of your mind, promoting your state of well-being through simple massage and breathing techniques to circulating the body subtle energy thus vitalizing the body as a whole.


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March 26th-29th, 2019

Singing Bowl Training, Sukkasart Institute Thailand

Sound Healing is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational sound to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace, well being and better health. Sound has also been shown to be a vital part of the healing process for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and side effects especially for pain relief management. Course included: Anatomy to Subtle Energy and Chakras, Understanding the Brain Waves, Positive Thinking and concentration, Self Healing, An approach of singing bowl therapy and sound healing.

An expression note from one of participant from 2018;

The 4 days experience has totally shifted me “inwards’ for a more profound experience as an individual and a sound vibrational practitioner. The pure sense of joy, the laughter, and the delicate learning on how to deeply connect yourself with the bowls is invaluable. Even weeks after the training, the learning continue with this “new” level of vibration to distinguish how our 3 mind (thinking, feeling & awareness) functions. The intuitive process of the flow, balancing and mind/body integration is what sets this apart from other learning style of similar courses.

If you are ready to relax and open your mind, hence, enable you to feel more at your heart, and leading you to a deeper level of transformation, then this is for you!

You will also get to meet a bunch of “child-like”, fun chatting and dessert loving group of “Wellness Mafias”. So yes, we are not just being Zen-ish all the time


April 1st -4th

Integrative Wellness

This course is based on my experience as a healer for more than 20 years, an integrative approach to look at body, mind and soul.

The class will conduct by intuitive sharing

Day 1: The physical body as anatomy and physiology, the interconnecting muscle as a whole, and how this will manifest through muscle tension and pain. Learn how to observe the posture.

Understand the physical body base on body elements.

Day 2: Energy body or mind body

Our energy level is reflecting by the state of mind, once the mind was distracting by some impulses, the attention of energy was consumed that caused the low energy level.

We will learn on how to clear the mind and promote a greater flow of the energy.

Day 3: Soul body

This is the deeper level of information that all of us stored in our psyche and become our aspiration.

Learn to look our cell memories and how to digest it.

Day 4: An Integrative approach for healing

Review the practice, Q&A

And thank you for a great opputunity to meet all these “Wellness Mafias “