Dr. Buathon

Buathon Thienarrom PhD

Buathon Thienarrom  is the Wellness Practitioner and the founder of Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts from Thailand.

Buathon has the extensive background in Nursing, Psychology, and Health Sociology. Her approach to health and well-being is based on the holistic practice with her boundless effort in delivering an integration of body, mind and spirit. She has undergone extensive training and draws upon her expertise in Taoism, Sound Healing, Tibetan Medicine, and Mind Training. 

“The body is the home of the mind, and once the mind is restless, the physical body is under tension. The body and mind are interconnected, and tuning through the body awareness is the tool for mind transformation.”

Learning to become a mindful living, is to connect your three mindful ways of: thinking, feeling and awareness; understanding the emotional alchemy; and empowering the mind. 

Upon the consultation, Buathon will analyze at how your body structure of which is  influencing each individual lifestyle, physical and emotional energies. The healing sessions begin to release physical tension with healing touch that allows the body to release emotional tension, in order to generate chi flow in encouraging a peaceful mind. Then, you will be slowly moved into energy enhancing level through sound vibration that will facilitate mind transformation as the last fulfillment.

Buathon has significant spa and wellness management experience with leading health institutes at Chiva-Som, and Six Senses Spas. She is also recognized as Spa Healer by AsiaSpa 2014. Presently she has conducted private healing session, retreat, and workshop under the approach of “Healing Your Body and Transforming Your Mind” at the Spas at Mandarin Oriental in Asia; One and Only, Maldives; Amankora in Bhutan; and the Peninsula Spa Bangkok, Thailand.

For more information on her healing; https://drbuathon.com

or reach her at; buathon@drbuathon.com


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