Through Our Love,

We Create “Samadhita

The Conscious Living Community, Thailand

The Sacred Land of Healing and Sharing an Inner Wisdom of Body-Mind and Soul.

It is the place, we gather the like-minded with great intention to facilitate each individual self-awareness and spiritual development.

Your body is home for the mind, to tame the mind to be within require a great tool.

Samadhita is where you can heal and reunite with your inner journey for greater alignment of the body, mind and soul.

Awakening your journeythrough the practice of love and compassion.

To empower our mind and allowing our self-loveto heal, and embrace life.

It is a healing village with an energetic field for an inner cultivation toward overall well-being and mindfulness living.

Through a life-time of healing practice and teaching by Dr. Buathon Thienarrom and her associates under the integrative approach of Alternative Health and Buddhist Philosophy.

“Our journey begins from the quest of healing the body thus bring us to understand the mind, and once the mind presents, it will tune in the spiritual journey”

The Place and energy

The Sacred Land is surrounded by mountains and greenery with the flow of ocean breeze. Samadhita enhance the pure energy by respect the healing vibration from the nature and empower our mind through the treasure statues. 

Your journey begins at the arrival hall and you can foresee  by the distant of Goddess of compassion (Nanhai Guanyin) that hold Dharma wheel, the statue is 9 meters high to bless us with love and compassion to entire community. The Goddess of compassion is located at Dharani-Garden of Mantras which is next to Samadhita.

Guru Padmasambhava, he who came into being in a lotus. He was an 8th-century Buddhist master and well recognized as the second Buddha in Himalayan Buddhist practice. Guru Rinpoche’s Thangka is located at The Library. 

Medicine Buddha, the doctor who cures dukkha (suffering) using his teachings as a medicine.  It is an inner journey for the mind to transform through self- awareness and compassion. Pray to Medicine Buddha at the entrance of Healing Sanctuary.

Tarais the goddess of compassion and the mother of liberation. His Holiness the 14thDalai Lama has mentioned about Tara:

“There is  a true feminist movement in Buddhism that relates to the goddess Tara. She vowed to developed bodhicitta as a woman. For all her lifetimes along the path to be born as a woman, and in her final lifetime when she attained Buddhahood,  till thenshe will be a woman.”

Green Tara, she offers protection from all the unfortunate circumstances within the samsaric world. Shesymbolizes the purity and power.

White Tara, she expresses maternal compassion and offers healing to all beings on mentally or psychically. She is known for compassion, long life, healing and serenity. 

The Green and White Tara are located at Tara hall next to Labyrinth. 

Water Serpent, this is the spirit of the water that associate to the Lord Buddha meditation.  Serpents are represented as potent guardians of sacred spaces. It is located on the ground water pond.

Labyrinth- Sacred walking meditation,  a labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. A labyrinth is a right brain task. It involves intuition, creativity, and imagery. Labyrinths have long been used as meditation to enhancing your mental awareness.  


The Healing Sanctuary

Your healing sanctuary is the point to embark your healing journey,  through a physical body to  identify the state of mind, and learn to tame the mind bring the vitality to your body. You can meet various skill practitioners to offer their expertise to guide you on your own journey. 

The healing space dedicated for:

Changing room for male and female 

(4) Two heated mineral stone of Ganbanyuku.

Ganbanyoku is the heated mineral stone originated from Japan, the mineral made of healing stone for therapeutic properties. When heated the rocks emit far infrared heat and negative ions which have been found to be highly beneficial to our health and well-being. 

It promotes healing effect by inducing a heightened sense of relaxation. Negative ions are odourless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments like mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost energy.

(1) One sound chamber 

The sound chamber will use sound vibration to bring to journey of transcend the mind with the guided practitioner to release unnecessary thoughts, mental tension and promote journey of mind transformation.

(2) Two indoor private healing rooms 

(2) Two outdoor private meditation rooms


The studio where we share knowledge and wisdom for mindfulness movement, healing classes and alternative health workshops.


The collection of self-learning resources

Hara Cafe 

Soothing your soul with the kind heart cafe where we bring farm to the table concept, plant-based cuisine, healthy juice and snack. 

Mind Villa

It is your place to rest your body and mind, the villa is crafted for your own comfortable home away from home on your inner journey.

Each villa is designed to enhance an overall health and well-being through Thai architecture,  the color and tone encourage creativity, healing and mindfulness living.


Dr. Buathon Thienarrom, recognized as one of the region’s leading Thai holistic practitioners, she has an extensive knowledge of Tibetan and alternative medicine and Taoist practice, and with her background in Nursing, Psychology and Health Sociology.

Dr. Buathon has extensive experience with leading health concepts from Chiva-Som and Six Senses Spas. She is a spa healer, workshop and retreat facilitator organizing such events as “Heal Your Body and Transform Your Mind” with the One and Only, Reethi Rah Maldives, Oriental Spas Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Aman Spas. She is also the founder of Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts, Thailand.

Co-creation team: 

Ms. Keerana Sripongpunkul

Ms. Alice Wong

Ms. Doris Li

Ms. Sally Fong

Ms. Mandy Mak 

Dr. Buathon and Samadhita Co-Creation team would like to present Samadhita as the crafting experience of conscious living community, the key leading for spiritual development and overall well-being.

“Life is a great journey, the path is evolving from each individual boundary to eventually merge and become one”

At this moment, Samadhita is on preliminary phase, and  you are invited to be part of Samadhita community member, please do contact us for more information.

Warm wishes,

Dr. Buathon Thienarrom

The Inspiration from Himalayas to Samadhita…
We are Samadhita, sharing our intention to all with love, joy and happiness…
Become a residence of Samadhita, join us the mindful community of happy being…