January 2019

Intense and deep four days working with amazing Dr. Buathon Thienarrom. She shared her incredible knowledge to unlock my voice and much more. Dear Buathon, thank you for your kindness and guidance. 🙏

With a great sound healing and practice that help raise up an inner vibration that will facilitate the journey of transformation 🙏

My very first impression of experiencing the treatment was that ‘it is painful’. As I learned to focus on my diaphragm breathing and not to “resist”, I was able to connect with the dance rhythm of my breath (and often manage to fall asleep during treatment!).  I find Buathon has a great awareness of the body and understands how to promote healing within it.  She has a wonderful sense of touch.  She is very well grounded and able to tune into her client knowledgably and intuitively.  Her hands are connecting rods to the universe.   Each treatment helped me to release some emotional tensions.  As a result, I experienced a feeling of great ease and clarity.  Buathon was attentive and also open to my questions.  Through my sessions with her, I have come to trust in the healing power of internal Chi and will continue in my pursuit of Chi Qong practice. Thank you, Buathon, for guiding me back home to my body.

Wanny Winsloe         – London, U.K.

The work that Buathon dose is quite profound, her knowledge of the whole body and how she inter-relates it, means that when she does her treatment she is able to release muscle tension much more than just the abdominal area.

I have referred some of my more difficult clients to her here in London, and have been truly amazed at the results she has got in a very short space of time.

I also find her professional and dedicated to working on improving people’s health and well being.

On a personal level, meeting Buathon has been a life changing experience in many ways.

Jennie Crewdson – London, U.K. Physiotherapist ,Advanced Rolfer and Rolfing movement practitioner

Thank you for bringing Ms Buathon to Singapore.

She is easily the Best of All – a truly genuine person and a healer physically and mentally.   She is so easy to be with – absolutely no airs at all – just a genuine and sincere desire to help.

I have No Hesitation in recommending her to anyone.


Vivienne Lau Chew-Singapore

Dr Buathon is one of the best and solid practitioners. I have ever known in terms of knowledge, experience, skills and professionalism. She is the master of energy!

It was really painful when she was working on my chest, but at the same time, my emotions that I have been hold were released and now able to take a even deeper breath.

I’m really grateful that I met this wonderful lady and have her treatments.

I really recommend to anyone who wants to be healthy holistically.

Thank you very much, Dr. Buathon, I love your treatment!! It’s awesome!!!

Yukiko Cecilia Mizushima- Singapore


Thanks so much for your heartwarming therapy.
I got an impression that you had a strong power to heal people. I could feel the energy from your warm hands. And as I said, I felt my body became very light after your massage. Unfortunately I am back to busy life again… need your massage every week, to be honest!
If you are going to produce a new spa in Japan, please let me know. Thank you very much again for your help.

友人に勧められた腸マッサージを受けるべく、Sukkasart Instituteに向かったのですが、大きな看板もなく普通の民家のようだし、到着した時はやや不安でした。

Ayako, Tokyo

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