About the Healing Oil

From my journey as a healer treating my guests, I found that they have difficulties in relaxing, resulting in inability for healing to take place. Most of them chase their own thoughts all the time, and once the thoughts take place, the breathing becomes shallow or they are not mindful of their breathing.

As we are aware that the body and mind are interconnected, once the mind is busy the body cannot rest.  As a healer I worked with different tools to help my guests to relax by slowing down their own thoughts.  And with my interest and studies in Tibetan medicine, I’ve personally become fascinated with Himalayan herb and essential oil as it contains a higher vibration and promotes profound healing.

I experimented with my first oil myself to easily go through the meditative state, from the teaching of the Tibetan practice that we should be like a clam but alert at the same timeIt is great to walk in and out of meditative state and allow the mind and body to rest and be peaceful. And once I look back at that idea in the past 4 years, I was just a beginner in meditation or mind training. At that time, I found grounding oil to assist in meditative state, pure love to open the heart for better quality of breathing and releasing chest tension and sense of calm to relax abdominal tension where all of us like to store the stress there. In my own thought these three oils represented the three minds of thinking, feeling and awareness.

After using these oils for one year, I felt there are more energy centers to complete and allow the whole energy to flow. Then I found the second generation of the oil that helps to open more energy center such as white essence to bring energy up to the crown, booster to activate the third eye, soul to comfort the tension below navel and relieve to enhance a sensory reception.

And to apply the oil the energy center with trained breathing is provided for profound relaxation experience that most of us cannot resist. It promotes better sleep and renewed sensation, feeling much lighter and more space in the body.

Certainly, once I found all of these healing qualities, I applied these oils to my guests prior to conducting a healing session. This makes all of them achieve healing result faster and sustain the healing better.

After finishing the chakra collection of seven healing oils, I went for a spiritual trip and discovered another set of healing oils as third generation: the seeker collection focuses transpersonal chakra with spiritual flower of white lotus for awakening and pink lotus for inspiration, and earthstar chakra with Vetiver blend for strength and sacred to promote the harmony of yin and yang or feminine and masculine energy.

Indeed, it is a great journey and pleasure to discover all these healing oils for my own self and to share this wisdom to find peace within in this modern day.

All these healing oils are natural products made with good intention, and used under an instruction to relax body and mind and promote emotional balance, and not consider the use of any prescriptive medication.

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About Dr. Buathon

Dr. Buathon is a Holistic Practitioner from Thailand with an intensive knowledge in alternative medicine, Taoist practice and Tibetan medicine.

Her journey is to seek a way to deliver an integration of the Body, Mind and Spirit through a good health backed with her exclusive background in Nursing, Psychology and Health Sociology. She gradually crated ZenNaTai, a unique approach to holistic healing that allows the body to release the tension, generate chi flow and encourage a peaceful mind.

She believes that “Heart” is the representative of the mind that carries all information and the body is the house for the mind, and we shall listen to our body and to be able to transform the mind to mindfulness living.

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