Simple Meditation

Creating your own peace of mind, simply try out these steps below:

1. Sitting cross leg on lotus or half lotus position, however if you do not feel comfortable sitting on the floor, please allow yourself to sit on the chair instead.
2. Opening your chest, thus allow the full capacity of breathing
3. Keep your spine upright, which will allow the energy channel to open, and make you self suffering from aching and pain during meditation
4.Palm position, connecting palm together to stabilize the body
5. Neck till in to support spine in good alignment
6. Eye half-shut and half open, which you can keep awareness and not falling sleep, or look down 3-4 inches in front of you.
7. Relax your jaw, by a little mouth opening, and put your tongue touching the palate.

Then start observing your breathing, and concentrate for one minute and take a break, and back again for another minute.

Enjoy your one minute peace within !


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