Slow life retreat

Away from your busy lifestyle, cultivating your mind and soul with an inner temple of healing, finding for your own practice for a simple daily harmony.

Nurturing yourself with historical and culture of Khmer empire at Amansara, formerly the guest residence of King Sihanouk, it continues this noble tradition, welcoming the fortunate and famous for a unique boutique experience at Angkor. A Sixties designer delight from the halcyon days of new Khmer architecture, this is Siem Reap’s retro-chic masterpiece.

Encircled by forests and rice paddies, explore more than 1,000 temples from Amansara’s location near the archaeological park, including Angkor Wat, Bayon and Banteay Srei.

“Life is all about learning and transformation, take one step to slow down for better understanding, and moving on the journey”

slow life


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