Urban Retreat and Healing 2019

With today’s lifestyle, the healing session promote the harmony of body and mind, understand the physical tension that causes by emotional disturbance. Promoting an inner vitality and self awareness.

I am looking forward to serve you  for consultation, healing session and workshop on the following destination:

Bangkok, Thailand

June 3rd-12th  and December 10th-19th
The Spa, Peninsula, Bangkok Thailand

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

August 1st-10th
The Spa, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Hong Kong, China

June 26th-July 4th The Mandarin Spa, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
August 26th -September  3rd The Oriental Spa, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
November 16th-26thThe Mandarin Spa, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong


August 17th-24th
The Spa, Mandarin Oriental Macau

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