Mind Collective

Till now, I am thankful for the changes of Covid -19. I am able to do more practices and to assist my clients on distant healing and guidance. It is really a journey that we move on for all of us; clients, students and myself. 

It is about time to look for an inner journey, and to seek for state of mindfulness. This is just about the right timing to begin your practice and cross over any disturbances that keep hold on within your mind and raise over for a higher vibration to enriching your state of mind.

The Sukkasart’s practitioner and myself would like to introduce a Sunday evening “ Mind Collective” as a gathering and practicing to rest the mind and moving on as collective vibration. The session will conduct by myself and associate practitioners.

Join us on the link below and connecting all of us together:  

Meeting ID: 493 478 9956
Passcode: Bmindful20

Hong Kong /Macau/ Singapore/ Malaysia 9 pm
Thailand 8 pm
Dubai 5 pm
EU 3 pm

Looking forward to see you virtually.


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