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Hi from Maldives !

We are now on the last quarter of the year 2013, and you can feel the changing of the energy around you, everyone was working so hard, some of you wish to meet a few goals before year- end, and some plan the holiday and looking forward to next year.

From now, it is the time to focusing within yourself, and purify your body and cultivate the a great positive energy for the next coming year, it is such a great time to transform your body and mind and ready to surfing the next waves in life.

Mind training is such a great practice during this time, but some of you may find it is very hard to quiet your mind, as we are in golden age of high technology, however everything in life has their own balancing act, as our body can not take up everything at the same time, that make sure that we shall look after ourselves for body, mind and spirit or physical, energy, mental well-being.

Our body does carry, the physical energy, mental energy and our soul energy, as the great foundation of  life harmony, once the body in a good shape, the mental and soul energy can not find weakness space to hide in our body.

Certainly, everyone will need sometime to work through their own journey, and if you are looking for some helps, I am very pleased to assiting you on various destination;


October 20th-21st : Singing bowl therapy workshop

Learn to connect with sound vibrations and allow the subtle sound frequencies to clam your mind and  utilize toning technique to cultivate the energy flow for physical and mental well-being.

This workshop is suitable for self help and anyone whom interested in healing profession

October 23rd-27th : ZenNaTai workshop

Understand the connection of body and mind and  learn how to maintain their harmony through chi self -healing technique, basic chi massage to unblocking the body for yourself and others including simply breathing techniques to balancing body and mind.

It is suitable for everyone whom wish their healthy balance with a good fountain of youth  and could bring forward to healing profession.

For private healing session during October 19th-28th, please contact :

Please contact:
Ian Jin Yap @ 0163313240
Yokoe Chan @ 0122027653

Hong Kong :

I will offer ZenNaTai healing session with combination of Singing bowls.

November 13th-19th: The Oriental Spa, Landmark Mandarin

For appointment, please contact:

Tel: +852 2132 0011


And for the rest of the year, I will base in Hua Hin for private transformation retreat, healing session and private workshop on Tibetan medicine.

Yours in health,