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Welcoming the year of wood horse, and I would like to share a great note from “Forever Conscious”; along with Chinese Astrology calendar, the Horse is impulsive, passionate and is ruled by the element of Fire. This means that 2014 will feel like a ‘destined’ year where things will just seem to fall into place.

When in doubt, this is the year to follow your intuition because it will be supported and strong. It is also a perfect year to make a vision, start plans, find a new path, set new goals and find a new passion for life.

In order to get ready for this energy, all the old clutter of the years needs to be cleaned out and all regrets need to be dealt with and put aside.

While many of us started ‘cleaning out our closets’ towards the end of last year, the time to complete the clean is now. Anything that no longer serves you, anything you don’t want to take into the next cycle of your life and anything that is stopping you from moving forward needs to be letting go from now.

According to Western Astrology, 2014 is going to be a challenging year that will help to “reveal”.

Things will be revealed about ourselves, about the people around us and about businesses. We are also in a time where we are moving back to a more spiritual way of life and we are finding comfort and truth in alternative medicines, energy healing and the metaphysical.


I would suggest to everyone to look at the deeper level or any causes of your unhappiness or dissatisfaction and try to address these matters. From Tibetan Medicine study, there are three mental poisons of attachment, anger and closed-mindedness, these poisons will affect the body and mind condition by disharmony of wind-fire and phlegm elements respectively or thinking, feeling and desiring, it manifests as physical and emotional illness. Any practices to nourishing your mind, it is such a great tool to flows within this year. It is very important to balance your thinking, feeling and desiring into “one ” as your own state of well-being.

The wood horse year is about your state of mindfulness that brings your supports for life empowerment!


And for anyone that may need support for consultation or healing session or private transformation retreat, I am looking forward to seeing you on these destinations:


February 17th-March 6th

One and Only, Reethi Rah

Hong Kong:

March 13th-18th

Private Healing Session: ZenNaTai healing session with combination of Singing bowls.

Venue: The Sanctuary Hong Kong

For appointment, please contact:

2905, 29/F, Universal Trade Centre, 3 – 5A, Arbuthnot Road Central District, Hong Kong Today 9:30 am – 7:00 pm

Phone +852 2537 1373



March 27th-30th

Venue: TBA



Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts, Hua Hin

Available by appointment:

  • Healing session; ZenNaTai and Singing Bowl
  • Consultation on Tibetan Medicine
  • Mind Training
  • Private Retreat
  • Holistic Courses and Workshops


Tel: +66(0) 81 858 3823

Yours in health,



"The Transformation Touch"

ZenNaTai “The Transformation Touch”

The Transformation Touch is the touch that connects your body to let go of your mind and allow the energy to flow within. As the body and mind is one, the touch of ZenNaTai promotes the state of well-being by synchronizing simple breathing techniques generating the energy to circulate around the body’s energy channel thus vitalizing the body as a whole.

After several years of practice as a holistic practitioner, Buathon Thienarrom, Ph.D., has developed an integration of healing methods to formulate her own healing technique called ZenNaTai, which means the state of freedom and emptiness, connected to each individual and their own manifest health condition.

The Founder Dr. Buathon Thienarrom, a holistic practitioner with clients in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Portugal, and England, is best known for her professionalism and infinite compassion and patience with her clients. As former Medical Manager and Chi Nei Tsang practitioner at the world renowned Chiva-Som Health Resort she is no stranger to alternative therapies. Through her comprehensive background in nursing, psychology and health sociology, Buathon has been able to grasp the fine balance between traditional/alternative medicine and modern medicine. She fully understands the need for harmony between body and mind in order to achieve well-being from physical and mental development, which are the keys to personal & spiritual fulfillment.

Buathon has undergone extensive training in alternative/holistic medicine, through Taoism, Healthy Lifestyle, Chi Nei Tsang, Meditation, Posture Training and Thai traditional medicine. She has a Master Degree in Counseling and Psychology and Ph.D. on the Health Sociology.

Buathon is well known in the region and has been featured on several BBC programs on Holistic Health, Discovery Channel (Asia) on Alternative Therapies, and various other interviews on television, radio and the press. She has also given many lectures on holistic health topics at leading universities throughout Thailand.
Dr. Buathon is the founder of the recently established Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts, which trains spa professionals to integrate the “science of happiness” with spa services to promote the well-being of the Spa clients.

“It is far better if we can heal ourselves without relying on doctors and health practitioners. And wouldn’t the world be a much nicer place if it was filled with healthy, happy people?”
Buathon can be reach at

The technique of ZenNaTai is an integrated therapeutic treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasizing on the functional channel on the front part of the body which stores the yin energy hidden deep within the interior body. It comprises a combination of: Taoist Chi Massage mainly starting with the abdominal area- the center of chi or energy flow in the body which is connected to the internal organs that represent elemental emotion and personality, breathing techniques and posture analysis.

The ZenNaTai lets you get in touch with your own body and mind state through the gentle touch which lets the body release excess negative emotions and improves concentration inducing a deeper state of relaxation that allows the healing energy to circulate the entire body. At the same time, it also: stimulates the lymphatic flow, helps detoxify the body to get rid of toxins and negativity, brings comfort and relief to the abdomen, revitalizes energy of the internal organs, and induces a feeling of deeper relaxation to the body and inner peace to the spirit.

It is the most comprehensive approach to energize, strengthen and detoxify the internal system. It embraces the holistic approach to the use of massage therapy, treating the person as a whole, while integrating physical, emotional and spiritual uniqueness. It goes to the very origin of health problems, including psychosomatic healing response, during the session in which you will be guided on proper breathing, nutrition, visualization and self-manipulation promoting the ethic of self responsibility and breaking the cycle of dependency in a practitioner manner. The treatment is very effective for a wide range of various health conditions.

To received ZenNaTai treatment;
• Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts, Hua Hin Thailand
• The Oriental Spa, Landmark Mandarin Oriental Landmark, Hong Kong
• Damai , Grand Hyatt Singapore
• Yai Ya Spa and Resort, Cha Am, Thailand

Becoming a ZenNaTai Practitioner;
The course is provided at Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts, Hua Hin Thailand or

Thanks so much for your heartwarming therapy.
I got an impression that you had a strong power to heal people. I could feel the energy from your warm hands. And as I said, I felt my body became very light after your massage. Unfortunately I am back to busy life again… need your massage every week, to be honest!
If you are going to produce a new spa in Japan, please let me know. Thank you very much again for your help.

友人に勧められた腸マッサージを受けるべく、Sukkasart Instituteに向かったのですが、大きな看板もなく普通の民家のようだし、到着した時はやや不安でした。

Ayako, Tokyo
September 25th, 2010

Enjoy your seed of happiness@ Barai..Hua Hin