Urban Retreat and Healing 2019

With today’s lifestyle, the healing session promote the harmony of body and mind, understand the physical tension that causes by emotional disturbance. Promoting an inner vitality and self awareness.

I am looking forward to serve you  for consultation, healing session and workshop on the following destination:

Bangkok, Thailand

June 3rd-12th  and December 10th-19th
The Spa, Peninsula, Bangkok Thailand

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

August 1st-10th
The Spa, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Hong Kong, China

June 26th-July 4th The Mandarin Spa, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
August 26th -September  3rd The Oriental Spa, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
November 16th-26thThe Mandarin Spa, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong


August 17th-24th
The Spa, Mandarin Oriental Macau

Become a ” Healer”

Become a “Healer”

IMG_8087I began with a passion for a healthy and happy life, finding the connection between body and mind to become “one.” My journey went from the studies of nursing, mental health and psychology to Taoism, Buddhism, health sociology, and Tibetan medicine. I gradually discovered what holistic health and healing truly entailed and eventually created ZenNaTai, a unique approach to holistic healing that means ‘the state of freedom and emptiness’ and thus focusing on the three minds of thinking, feeling and awareness.

The concept of healing is based on the dynamic relationship between body and mind, and that “the mind plays an essential role in physical health.” I was trained in various practices of alternative therapies, such as therapeutic touch, Reiki, crystal healing, singing bowl therapy and Pranayama breathing, and they provided my strength and clear understanding through my healing practice.

In this modern day as we are aware that stress is the key element of physical complaints, such as tension on the neck and shoulder, back pain, poor digestion, sleeping disorder and emotional matters. And lately most spa therapists found that even when they massaged their guests for two hours, the physical body is still uptight and unable to relax during their massage session compared to the past, due to the change in lifestyle. Guests were not able rest their mind and their physical body was not free from tension. These make a good call for a healer or practitioner to provide integrative modalities with body and mind approach to spa services.

What is healing?

In healing, people often refer to channeling “chi” or “universal energy” to help them clear energetic blocks. Many people associate this practice with Reiki, a system of natural healing that uses universal energy and the laying of hands to help people alleviate spiritual, physical or mental sufferings. There are many forms of healing, however, ranging from Shamanism to Chinese and Ayurveda medicine. Alternative methods of healing are finally being recognised by institutions as an effective way to improve health. At UCLA, hospitals now offer mindfulness, meditation and qigong. Healing has become the new approach toward health and well being.

The basic definition of healing is the process of becoming whole. People use different words to describe healing, such as: presence, love and consciousness. Healing is less about fixing yourself than it is about the practice of letting go. It helps you release blocks — physical, emotional, and mental blocks and behaviours that keep you limited in your potential and true health. For example, you might suddenly realise that certain people in your life don’t make sense any more, or you may lose interest in certain foods or activities you used to enjoy.

Are you a healer?

Here a few signs that you could be a healer:

  • You’re sensitive. This includes being sensitive to your environment such as sounds, energy and the people in your surroundings. You can be easily overwhelmed. You prefer nature as well as quiet and calm spaces.
  • You like being alone. You’re introverted by nature. Being in large crowds is draining and overwhelming for you. When you’re alone, you feel like you can charge up your batteries and regain your energy.
  • You’re intuitive. You have a good sense of how things will turn out, and people often to turn to you when they have a problem. You can easily anticipate people’s needs and wants. You often have dreams and visions.
  • You have a big heart. You’re empathic and compassionate. You can easily feel other people’s pain. People often feel better or comforted in your presence, and feel safe in sharing their life secrets with you.
  • You are aware of energy. You see and sense the world through a different lens. You know that the world is more than just what you see, and you’re able to look beyond the surface level of situations and exchanges. Your abilities can also make you sensitive to negative and positive energy.
  • You enjoy helping others. You genuinely enjoy being of service to other people. You may already be in a role of helping others as a practitioner, such as a nurse, chaplain or therapist. It brings you deep meaning and joy to help others.
  • The word “healing” excites you. You don’t know why, but you’re attracted to healing and want to learn more. You know you have a calling and have a feeling that healing can help you explore more deeply your gifts and talents.

Become a Healer

To become a healer is a life journey. In healing you often receive clarity and insight about your life path, it is great to following each steps with your great awareness.

  1. Cultivating the healing energy: try healing practices to help you cultivate and develop your gifts. This includes gentle yoga, qigong and meditation.
  2. Experience healing: explore different healing methodologies and healers in your area. Find a healer who resonates with you.
  3. Holistic approach: to become a healer is based on the concept of holistic approach that you are able to see yourself, your guest or client as a whole and not only each individual part or sector. The Mind is the master of the body or thought from the mind is to become an action of the body, repeating of actions become habit, repeating of habits become your dedicated personality.
  4. Identify your strength: observe the basic approach of life development with yourself on physical, energy and mental levels as these are three basic strengths and you can use as the base for further development.
  5. Knowledge: great understanding of basic anatomy and physiology and able to have comparative understanding and integration on various disciplines, such as energy meridian or emotional meridians.
  6. Concentration: able to concentrate, stay grounded or focused as these allow better understanding of yourself and guests or client condition from a clear mind, able to observe the change from their guests and clients and maintain clear boundary or relationship between guests and healer. Also able to be detached from their guests’ concerns at the end of the day.
  7. Discipline: be mindful of the practice and able to maintain calm and clarity in daily life.

“And finally, to become a healer is to find your true seeker in life”.

Buathon Thienarrom 

20150203_ATB0134_MD_O&O Reethi Rah_Dr B Portrait_5DBuathon is currently based in Hua Hin in Thailand. She regularly visits several spas in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Maldives to deliver and promote her distinct approach to healing. Having observed how today’s busy lifestyle has led to an epidemic of problems like sleep disorders, she hopes to offer remedies and help people fulfill their personal development objectives through different healing methods, and to restore harmony between the mind and body, relieve tension headache and improve concentration, digestion as well as sleep quality. “[The key] for better health is all about changing the lifestyle.

She also established the Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts in 2008 to connect health and wellness practitioners in Southeast Asia and provide spa professionals with training and workshops on healing and holistic well-being. “I hope to conduct a retreat to help people develop their self-awareness,” she explains when asked about her future plans, “as this is the most important tool to train their minds for their own transformation, and a happy mind makes life full of inspirations.” https://drbuathon.com/

Love -Creations by Dr. B

Healing oil

Love-creations by Dr. B

_DSC4999 copyThese precious blends are crafted by Dr. Buathon Thienarrom from Himalayan essences. They serve various personalities and emotions, balancing the basic body elements and help facilitate a transcend state of mind.

The essential oil and base oil are pure at their own sources with active healing properties infused to become the energetic physical and emotional body.

It is recommended that these 7 precious oils are used in the following sequence:

10960075_10152696467395197_1832636853865928781_oSense of Calm

Connect with your inner senses through the scent of Jasmine, the ancient blessed flower, for inner peace and calm.

Ingredients: Jasmine oil and Camellia oil.

Directions: Apply generously on wrists, abdomen, throat and nape as desired.

Chakra Healing: Solar Plexus and Throat

Pure Love

Open your heart and fill it with the energetic scent of highland flowers, promoting love and joy, and relieve chest tension.

Ingredients: Highland Rose oil, Rhododendron oil and Camellia oil.

Directions: Apply generously on wrists and chest.

Chakra Healing: Heart


Awaken your inner sanctuary and create a sense of well-being.

Ingredients: Rose oil, Palma Rosa oil and Camellia oil.

Directions: Apply generously on chest and lower abdomen.

Chakra Healing: Sacral

White Essences

The indigenous white flowers of Thailand, promoting self-love and mental awareness.

Ingredients: Lotus extract, Magnolia oil, Jasmine oil and Camellia oil,

Directions: Apply generously on wrists, chest, and crown area.

Chakra Healing: Heart and Crown


Derived from the ancient Himalayan soothsayers to provide the King with balance and serenity, this healing blend helps with inner balance, fitful sleep and peace of mind.

Ingredients: Spikenard oil, Jasmine oil, Artemisia oil and Camellia oil.

Directions: Apply generously on wrists, chest, nape and sole of feet as desired.

Chakra Healing: Root


Reduce all types of pain with this natural remedy, stimulate and increase awareness of the sensory system.

Ingredients: Wintergreen oil and Camellia oil.

Directions: Apply generously on abdomen and pain as desired.

Chakra Healing: Solar Plexus


The ancient healing remedies from China and India to promote mental stimulation, encourage sleep, stimulate dreams, and create a sense of protection and courage.

Ingredients: Cinnamon oil, Clove oil and Camellia oil.

Directions: Apply generously on wrists, chest and in between the eyebrows.

Chakra Healing: Third Eye


The Seeker Collection

Yin (Balancing feminine energy)


The ritual essence of spiritual flowers that allows the body and mind to become one.

Ingredients: White Lotus oil, Jasmine oil and Camellia oil.

Directions: Apply generously on wrists, chest, abdomen and nape as desired.


Calm the mind down and let the energy of creativity take place.

Ingredients: Pink Lotus oil, Cedarwood oil and Camellia oil.

Directions: Apply generously on wrists, abdomen, throat and nape as desired.

Yang (Balancing masculine energy)


Promote self-stability and raise energy flow.

Ingredients: Vetiver oil, Peppermint oil and Camellia oil.

Directions: Apply generously on wrists, abdomen, throat and nape as desired.


Uplift energy filed and enrich an internal space.

Ingredients: Vetiver oil, Orange oil and Camellia oil.

Directions: Apply generously on wrists, abdomen, throat and nape as desired.

For further information, please contact: bua.sukkasart@gmail.com

The Transformation Touch : ZenNaTai

"The Transformation Touch"

ZenNaTai “The Transformation Touch”

The Transformation Touch is the touch that connects your body to let go of your mind and allow the energy to flow within. As the body and mind is one, the touch of ZenNaTai promotes the state of well-being by synchronizing simple breathing techniques generating the energy to circulate around the body’s energy channel thus vitalizing the body as a whole.

After several years of practice as a holistic practitioner, Buathon Thienarrom, Ph.D., has developed an integration of healing methods to formulate her own healing technique called ZenNaTai, which means the state of freedom and emptiness, connected to each individual and their own manifest health condition.

The Founder Dr. Buathon Thienarrom, a holistic practitioner with clients in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Portugal, and England, is best known for her professionalism and infinite compassion and patience with her clients. As former Medical Manager and Chi Nei Tsang practitioner at the world renowned Chiva-Som Health Resort she is no stranger to alternative therapies. Through her comprehensive background in nursing, psychology and health sociology, Buathon has been able to grasp the fine balance between traditional/alternative medicine and modern medicine. She fully understands the need for harmony between body and mind in order to achieve well-being from physical and mental development, which are the keys to personal & spiritual fulfillment.

Buathon has undergone extensive training in alternative/holistic medicine, through Taoism, Healthy Lifestyle, Chi Nei Tsang, Meditation, Posture Training and Thai traditional medicine. She has a Master Degree in Counseling and Psychology and Ph.D. on the Health Sociology.

Buathon is well known in the region and has been featured on several BBC programs on Holistic Health, Discovery Channel (Asia) on Alternative Therapies, and various other interviews on television, radio and the press. She has also given many lectures on holistic health topics at leading universities throughout Thailand.
Dr. Buathon is the founder of the recently established Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts, which trains spa professionals to integrate the “science of happiness” with spa services to promote the well-being of the Spa clients.

“It is far better if we can heal ourselves without relying on doctors and health practitioners. And wouldn’t the world be a much nicer place if it was filled with healthy, happy people?”
Buathon can be reach at bua.sukkasart@gmail.com

The technique of ZenNaTai is an integrated therapeutic treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasizing on the functional channel on the front part of the body which stores the yin energy hidden deep within the interior body. It comprises a combination of: Taoist Chi Massage mainly starting with the abdominal area- the center of chi or energy flow in the body which is connected to the internal organs that represent elemental emotion and personality, breathing techniques and posture analysis.

The ZenNaTai lets you get in touch with your own body and mind state through the gentle touch which lets the body release excess negative emotions and improves concentration inducing a deeper state of relaxation that allows the healing energy to circulate the entire body. At the same time, it also: stimulates the lymphatic flow, helps detoxify the body to get rid of toxins and negativity, brings comfort and relief to the abdomen, revitalizes energy of the internal organs, and induces a feeling of deeper relaxation to the body and inner peace to the spirit.

It is the most comprehensive approach to energize, strengthen and detoxify the internal system. It embraces the holistic approach to the use of massage therapy, treating the person as a whole, while integrating physical, emotional and spiritual uniqueness. It goes to the very origin of health problems, including psychosomatic healing response, during the session in which you will be guided on proper breathing, nutrition, visualization and self-manipulation promoting the ethic of self responsibility and breaking the cycle of dependency in a practitioner manner. The treatment is very effective for a wide range of various health conditions.

To received ZenNaTai treatment;
• Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts, Hua Hin Thailand
• The Oriental Spa, Landmark Mandarin Oriental Landmark, Hong Kong
• The Spa, Mandarin Oriental Macau                                                                                          


Becoming a ZenNaTai Practitioner;
The course is provided at Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts, Hua Hin Thailand
http://www.sukkasart.com or sukkasartint@gmail.com