Transformation Retreat in Hua Hin, Thailand

Group Retreat on May 23rd-25th, 2019

The body is a home for the mind, and once the mind is restless, the physical body is under tension. The body and mind are interconnected, tuning through the physical body as the tool for mind training. This three-days retreat will promote an inner awareness, empowering the mind and become a mindfulness living.

Your facilitator 

Dr. Buathon Thienarrom, recognized as one of the region’s leading Thai holistic practitioners, she has an extensive knowledge of Tibetan and alternative medicine and Taoist practice, and with her background in Nursing, Psychology and Health Sociology.  She gradually crated ZenNaTai, a unique approach to integrative healing that allows the body to release the tension, generate chi flow and encourage a peaceful mind.

Buathon has significant experience with leading health institutes at Chiva-Som, and Six Senses Spas. She is also recognized as Spa Healer and Retreat facilitator under the approach of  “Healing Your Body and Transforming Your Mind” at the Spas Mandarin Oriental, One and Only Maldives, and Aman Spas. 

Buathon’s daily practice through awareness or ‘Sati’ is based on Buddhism. 

“Life is a great journey; the path is evolving from each individual boundary to become one”. 

Buathon will be offering an insight into developing your own awareness and guiding you through mindfulness practice that you can implement into your life.

Your program 

This program includes: customized mind training techniques and practice to calm the mind, enhance an inner energy and facilitate the mind transformation.

Duration: 10.30 -13.00, 2.30  hours per days for 3 days 

For inquiry, please contact:

Healing Trip, February -April, 2019

The Wellness Escape, a great journey to unwind and re-connecting to yourself.

February 26th -March 5th, 2019 at The Spa, Mandarin Oriental Macau

The Tradition of Healing, from Ganbanyuko:heated mineral stone bed, healing touch of ZenNaTai, Vibrational Sound Healing of Full Moon Singing Bowls that will enhance the process of Mind Transformation.

February 16th-24th, 2019 at The Mandarin Spa, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Enhancement your physical and emotional, and be ready for the blessing of earth pig energy.

February 1st-11th, 2019, The Spa@The Peninsula Bangkok, Thailand


Emotional Wellness

Sharing a practical tool to calm down your mind and enhance an inner strength with sound vibration of singing bowls @Mandarin Oriental Macau on August 7th , 2018

I hope to organise a small vibrational concert with my students on next visit on November….


Emotional Detox



Emotional Detox is really taking place for this year.


Take a few steps to release the emotion storage on your physical body.


Enhance your subtle energy and vibration (biomagnetic field).


And cross over the bridge for greater transformation.


Maintain a positive approach through out the journey.


Our body need a daily cleansing and our mind in need for it too.

June-October 2018

Dear all,

I am enjoying my time in Hua Hin, Thailand till early June, and for anyone whom may pass by this slow – life town, please drop by and meet me at the Sukkasart. I am very happy to show you on my little healing garden and we can meditate together.

After the first Vibrational Singing Bowl training this year, there are some more inquiries for the next training, which the next training will hold on June 12th-15th@Sukkasart Hua Hin.

The key focus of this training is based the sound vibrations rather than just the sound itself. And learn to vibrate your own sound thus made you understand the process and a greater benefit of sound healing, allow you to perform a vibrational singing bowl therapy at the healing level.

And moving forward with healing dates for urban healing at Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. I will introduce the retreat at resort destination; Koh Samui for up coming July, Bhutan on September. And Island Resort Healing for Maldives on October.

Yours in health and happiness,

Buathon (Dr.B)

June 12th-15th    Singing Bowl Training, Sukkasart Hua Hin, Thailand

June 22nd-July 1st   Urban Healing, The Spa, Peninsula, Bangkok Thailand

July 5th-19th    Healing and Retreat, The Spa Six Senses Samui, Thailand

July 21st-31st    Urban Healing, The Spa, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

August 17th -26th   Urban Healing, The Oriental Spa, Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

September 9th–October 6th   Retreat and Healing Amankora Bumthang, Bhutan

 October 16th–31st   Healing and Retreat, ESPA One and Only, Reethi Rah Maldives

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Three-Day Healing Package With Dr. Buathon - 290418 copykuala-lumpur-2017-luxury-spa-treatment-room-01 copyMOLPunakha Exterior-Day 2_1400x600Amankora_Life Enriching Experience Retreat (15th - 22nd September 2018) copyone-only-reethirah-general-family-2